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Advisories and alerts

To continuously inform its members about new vulnerabilities and evolving threats, the Cert-IST releases:

  • Security advisories (AV): Security advisories describe the new vulnerabilities discovered in the products monitored by Cert-IST and describe the solutions available to address them.

    In each advisory, Cert-IST indicates the risk level for the described threat. For more information on risk levels, please refer to this section in the left menu.
  • Alerts (AL): When the Cert-IST considers that there is a significant risk of attacks for a vulnerability, it sends an Alert to its members that describes the situation and proposes solutions to protect against this threat.

Examples of Advisories and Alerts are available from the left menu.

In its Advisories and Alerts, the Cert-IST always mentions the CVE references of the vulnerabilities described. It also uses the EISPP metrics and the CVSS scoring system to assess the vulnerabilities severity.