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First center for alert and reaction to computer attacks:

Created in 1999 by a consortium of French and multinational companies, the Cert-IST (Computer Emergency Response Team - Industry, Services and Tertiary) is the first center for alert and reaction to computer attacks dedicated to companies.


Member of FIRST since 1999, Cert-IST cooperates with its peers around the world:

The Cert-IST is recognized by its peers at national and international levels. It is a member of FIRST, and actively collaborates with others CERTs, in France, Europe and worldwide.

Cert-IST vulnerability knowledge base uses the CVE and CVSS international standards. Cert-IST was also a key participant of the EISPP European project, to define a common format for security advisories.


It provides services for risk prevention and incident handling:

Cert-IST provides to its members, measures for risk prevention and incident handling:
  • threats monitoring
  • vulnerabilities monitoring
  • SCADA monitoring
  • media watch
  • incident handling
  • Botnet Vigilance,


An independent and responsible trustee partner:

Cert-IST associative mode guarantees its independence towards editors. It works for the community by sharing resources and experience. Cert-IST perenniality is ensured by its members. The member confidence in the Cert-IST is strenghtened daily by:
  • The truthfulness and the exhaustive character of the information released
  • The confidentiality of private information always demonstrated
  • The guarantee of objectivity
  • The activity perenniality