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At the international level, Cert-IST is a member of FIRST (Forum for Incident Response and Security Teams) since 01/06/1999. Cert-IST can thus relies on a mondial network of more than 250 CERT affiliated to FIRST, which gives access to a worldwide unique alert system by providing necessary contact points for trans-frontier incidents and by offering a privileged access to information not yet public. Cert-IST has been selected as local organizer for June 2001 13th FIRST Conference.


At the european level, Cert-IST is an accredited member of the Trusted Introducer since March 2006 and participate to the TF-CSIRT which promote the collaboration between Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs) in Europe. Furthermore, the Cert-IST was the coordinator of the EISPP project ("European Information Security Promotion Programme") of the european community. This projet aims at developing a european network of CERT and at providing SME/SMI with security services.


At the French level, Cert-IST keeps up, under the control of French SSI organisations (SGDSN and ANSSI), close relations with its counterpart, e.g. CERT-RENATER (dedicated to research and education community), and  CERT-FR (dedicated to the administration sector).