Annual review regarding vulnerabilities and attacks for 2022

Date : February 15, 2023

The aim of this review is to highlight the general tendencies and threat evolution to help the community to enhance their protections.

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In this report, Cert-IST analyses the most significant trends for 2022:

  • The main vulnerabilities
  • Infostealer malware dominates 2022 news
  • A year of stabilisation for ransomware?
  • RU-UA war redefines the role of cyber in conflict
  • SCADA threat increases with PIPEDREAM malware
  • Supply Chain attacks target outsourced operations too
  • The rise of Hackers-for-hire and offensive products for states
  • Other phenomena observed :
    • Attacks on MFAs
    • BruteRatel and new offensive tools
    • Windows: Bring Your Own Vulnerable Driver
    • Fewer Exploits published before the attacks


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