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The European Information Security Promotion Programme (EISPP) is a project co-funded by the European Community under the Fifth Framework Programme. The EISPP project aims to develop a European framework, not only to share security knowledge but also to define the content and ways of disseminating security information to SMEs. By providing European SMEs with the necessary IT security services they will be encouraged to develop their trust and usage of e-commerce leading to increased and better opportunities for new business. The EISPP is a pioneer in the European Commission's vision of forming a European network of expertise within the European Union.

The project started in June 2002 and ran until January 2004. It has been run by a consortium of private sector organisations, comprising CERTs, ISP/ASPs, and Security professional organisations. The Consortium members are Cert-IST, esCERT-UPC, SIEMENS-CERT, Callineb Consulting, I-NET, CLUSIT and InetSecur. (more information)



  • The document containing the EISPP Results is available for the general public
  • Workshops with SMEs and Chambers of Commerce will take place in November 2003 in Italy and December 2003 in France
  • Workshop about CERT co-operation on security advisories at Warsaw (Poland) May 28, one day before the 9th TF-CSIRT meeting


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